School Leadership Summit Awards 2022

⇶ School & Leadership

We present to you the most prestigious school awards of the year! Now is the time to commemorate your noteworthy achievements and your innovation in the field of knowledge. Participate and add a feather in your hat with the honour of a paramount contributor in the education sector, at the quintessential platform of the 16th School Leadership Summit.

Award categories

  1. Innovative Practices for Academic Excellence
  2. Recognition for revolutionary education
  3. Excellence in unconventional teaching method
  4. Leading School in ICT Usage
  5. Excellence in innovation School
  6. Excellence in tech-savvy faculty
  7. Recognition for technology integration in School
  8. Innovation in Collaborative Learning Globally
  9. Excellence in best practices in School Education
  10. Innovation in Pedagogical Practices
  11. School with innovative assessment tools
  12. Excellence in Foreign languages education
  13. Recognition for content-strong faculty
  14. Honour for ignition of Green initiative in school
  15. Excellence in experiential learning School
  16. School with best practices in International Curriculum
  17. Leading School in Sports Infrastructure
  18. Excellence in tech-based education
  19. Honour for adapting multidisciplinary practices
  20. Innovation in the curriculum for industry-ready skill sets
  1. Leading School with e-learning infrastructure
  2. Leading School in Inclusive Education
  3. Leading CBSE Board School
  4. Leading IB Board School
  5. Excellence In technological advancement Leadership
  6. Leading Women Educator Award in School Education

⇶ Pre-School

We are back with our prestigious awards. We value your talent and encourage your hard work in developing the most innovative institutions. Your work seems incomplete if you are not getting recognised for it. Nominate Now and the preschool with best practices will be awarded at the mega platform of the 16th Elets School Leadership Summit 2022 in Guwahati.

  1. Emerging Preschool with Smart Classes
  2. Leading Preschool in Innovative Pedagogy
  3. Excellence in Innovative Early Age Education
  4. Paramount Preschool in Technology Usage
  5. Leading Preschool Chain of North-Eastern Region
  6. Prominent Standalone Preschool of North-Eastern Region

⇶ Corporate Awards

Elets Technomedia with Digital Learning is escalating to acknowledge industry stalwarts and their tremendous work along with excellent practices in the significant world of education. Participate and honour your glorious journey with a token of reward at the arcadius platform of the 16th School Leadership Summit.

  1. Innovative Technology advancement in School Education
  2. Leading online content for K-12
  3. Leading LMS provider for School Education
  4. Innovative assessment tool provider
  5. Leading blended learning institution
  6. Honour for quality education
  7. Leading Skill and talent development institution
  8. Recognition for e-learning tools provider
  9. Innovative ERP Solution Provider
  10. Leading Edtech
  11. Innovative startup in school education
  12. Recognition for innovative practices in hybrid learning